Cape Cod Here We Come!

In less than 24 hours I will be on my way to Cape Cod. I’m beyond excited! I’m looking forward to four days of relaxing on the beach, whale watching, biking, sailing, and lots and LOTS of clam chowder. I’m also looking forward to spending quality time with my brother. He’s coming home for a three week visit (FYI – he lives in Europe) so this will be a get way for us to catch up. I’m so looking forward to this extended weekend that even the 13 hour road trip is sounding fun at this point.

 Have a great long weekend everyone!

Cape Cod - trip we took two years ago

Whale watching in Cape Cod - trip we took two years ago


You’ve got to give it to this kid. You know this teen from Stratford Ontario has “made it” now that he’s collaborating and starring with Usher is the new video for ‘Somebody To Love’. He definitely needs to polish up on his dancing skills as next to Usher the Biebs looks like a beginner but nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of respect for this youngster. On a side note…whoever hired the backup dancers for this video should be fired. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great dancers but next to young Justin Bieber they look like a pack of babysitters. Next time, they should consider hiring girls in the same age range as the lead performer. He is after all singing about finding somebody to love, not finding someone with a valid drivers license to take him home after the shoot is over.

 TGIF everyone and Happy Father’s Day dad!


The Lovely Eva

I adore Eva Mendes. In my eyes she can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. Below are a few pics of her from the latest issue of W Magazine and some of her best red carpet looks.

Happy Anniversary!

On June 9th the hubby and I celebrated our third wedding anniversay. Wow, time flies! We decided to take the day off work. I woke up early, baked us cupcakes and we celebrated by going out to lunch at a lovely little crepe place in downtown Oakville, going for a walk and then having cake and champagne with the our parents that evening. It was perfect!

Here are some pics of the cupcakes I made. Don’t they look amazing!

My new anthem!

This is dedicated to everyone who’s every dreamt of moving to Paris!

My husband is a book collector. If it was up to him he’d dedicate his entire paycheque to books…or magazines. I too love to read but am always on his case when he comes home with a new book. I only buy books I’m going to read and then tend to give them away. The way I see it is, why keep it once you’ve read it? Anyways, upon seeing this pic of Karl Lagerfeld’s collection of books I’m inclined to stop giving my hubby a hard time. Doesn’t this space looks amazing?!

Karl Lagerfeld's book collection (image courtesy of Habitually Chic)

Corks Restaurant

Happy Monday everyone! Another weekend has come and gone and what a weekend it was. It started off with a great girls night out with the lovely Cailin and was followed by a lot of work on  our backyard deck, a super fun 30th birthday party and more.

 I won’t go into detail about all that we did but I do want to tell you a bit about a great little restaurant that Cailin and I ate it. Located in the heart of downtown Oakville, Corks Restaurant was a pleasant surprise. After walking along Lakeshore trying to decide on where we should eat, we were lured into this little gem thanks to its varied tapas menu. Inside, it’s cafe au lait walls, dark wood floors and bold art on the walls. We had the cheese board, charcuterie board, hand cut thick fries with thick garlic aioli, mixed green salad and sangrias to top it all off. After three hours to eating, talking, drinking and more talking we left  feeling like Corks is worthy of an entry to the string of dining spots along Oakville’s Lakeshore strip.